As an independent consultant and Licensed WIDA facilitator, I support districts nationwide who have students identified as Bilingual / English learners. I am an educator, keynote speaker, author and consider myself a Civil Rights Activist since my work centers around access, equality, inclusion and positive outcomes for traditionally marginalized students. My clients include state departments of education, local school districts, educational non-profits and institutes of higher education. Services include:

  • Differentiated professional development, one size does not fit all!
  • District wide support with a focus on improvements related to EL program
  • Grant writing
  • Instructional coaching with a focus on supporting ELs in general education classes
  • Intensive coaching for instructional coaches and/or district professional learning facilitators
  • Instructional Focus Walks, with feedback, action plan development and follow up
  • District and building level leadership support
  • Professional learning course / revisions
  • Program manual development / revisions
  • Staffing and scheduling needs
  • Use of English language proficiency data for district and school wide improvements
  • Technical Assistance

Cancelled dates for onsite support are subject to a cancellation fee.